Full credits for "Wizboy" and "Pick a Nose"

Opening Credits for "Wizboy"

Written By Steve Tompkins
Storyboard By Andy Kelly
Directed By Dave Jackson
Adam Dexter

Opening Credits for "Pick a Nose"

Written By Steve Tompkins
Storyboard By Tom King
Directed By Carilantion Raletse

Ending Credits

Supervising Producer Shaun Cashman
Animation Producers Therese Trujillo
Dean Hoff
CG Supervisor Jennifer Marlow
CG Supervising Producer Jason Meier
Animation Supervisor Martin Leeper
Lighting and Compositing Supervisor Dennis Murphy
Texture Supervisor Don Borulandi
FX Supervisor Matt Cawood
Supervising Animator Michael Franceschi
Production Manager MacGregor Middleton
CG Production Managers Kimberly Madore
Blanca Uribe
Sonya Park
Manager of Digital Production Eric Swanborg
Production Coordinator Alex Gordon
Animation Designer Derek Casey
CG Production Coordinators Danielle Digrado
Ken F. Boyer
Michal Wright-Ward
Ian Murray
Senior Production Assistant Alan Chow
CG Senior Production Assistant Eileen Flores
CG Production Assistants Shondalia White
Andrew Golden
Dan Garza
Mercedes Dominguez
Madalynn Rose Sadeghian
Exectuive Assistant Mairghread Scott
Production Intern Lauryn Orozco
"Wizboy" Starring

Fanboy - David Hornsby
Chum Chum - Nika Futterman
Mr. Mufflin - Jeff Bennett
Kyle, Lunch Lady, Drops - Jamie Kennedy
Austin - Tom Kenny

"Pick a Nose" Starring

Fanboy - David Hornsby
Chum Chum - Nika Futterman
Mr. Mufflin - Jeff Bennett
Lunch Lady Cram - Candi Milo
Lauren - Annick Obonsawin

Voice Director Ginny McSwain
VP of Animation Casting Sarah Noonan, CSA
Casting Director Meredith Layne, CSA
Casting Coordinator Shannon Reed
Casting Assistant Elisabeth Soares
Art Director of Financial Catherine Wong
Supervising Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Assistant Recording Engineer Amariah Oakley
Dialogue Editor Percy Moss
Storyboard Revisions Stephanie Arnett
Octavio Rodriguez
Animatic Supervisor Steve Downs
Animatic Editors Adam Arnold
Hugi Morales
Art Director Chad Woods
Character Designers Eric Robles
Steve Lambe
Prop Design Jeremiah Alcorn
Amber Leigh Hardin
Kyle Neswald
Ben Southley
Stephen Olson
Character Color Designer Christopher Near
Background Layout Designer Caesar Martinez
Background Color Designers Patrick Morgan
Dan Poselli
Lead Technical Director Paula Spence
Model Designer Gord Garwood
Lead Generalist of Animatic Management Anne Loi
Senior Technical Directors Susanne Wideman
Jon Finch
Technical Directors Steve Schwartz
Jason Stockton
Nick Puetz
Marc Bradley
Senior Generalists Jessica Liu
Alex Wallington
Generalists John Cahoon
Harry Sanchez
Steve Tarin
Seiji Tanaka
Ryan Monk
Senior Modelers Vincent Clark
Andrew Dalton
Production Assistants Jennifer Mantalvo
Lorenzo Eslon
Anthony Liagney
Shane Dander
Rob Lass
David Miller
Henry Olson
Matt Davieson
Ashton Lombardo
Jacqueline Adams
Kelly Bennett
Michael Tucker
Marc Silver
Brian Landarvis
Lead Shader Artist Anthony Esposito
Lead Texture Artists Roberto Jauregui
Sonserae Leese-Calver
Additional Supervisor James Honea
Lead Lighting and Compositing Artists Freddie Vanziri
Jim McLean
Lighting and Compositing Artists Patrick Krebs
Christina Chiusano
Tobias White
Dan Haring
Lead FX Artist Sandra Anderson
Assistant Lightning Editor Matt Davieson
CG&D Director Alfredo Barcia
CG&D Chris Karlberg
Animators Perry Blair
Candi Collins
Aaron Price
Gavin Soares
Yvonne Davidson
Catherine McKinnon
Stephanie Alvarez
Clement Yip
Jennie Rutz
Dan Turner
Paul Dinsmore
Martin Sunderland
Jordan Henderson
Mile Saric
Earl Allen
Gary Walsh
Donna Gilbert
Jason Stuart
Ryan Baker
Dave Brettilon
Asset Finalers Tim Hogan
Jessica Brown
Jimmy Robles
Matt McCart
Animation Production Services for "Wizboy" DQ Entertainment, LTD. Hyderabad, India
DQE Exectuive Producer Tapaas Chakravarti
DQE Vice President - Operations Vishal Dudeja
DQE Assistant Vice President - Production Srinivas Katta
DQE Group Production Manager Prabhakar S.
DQE Production Manager SP. Balasubramaniam
DQE Creative Head Chandrasekaran G.
DQE Production Supervisor Nagesh Babu.P.G.S.
DQE Animation Supervisors Gaurishankar Behera
Michael Earnest
Ajesh T
Animation Production Services for "Pick a Nose" CGCG Inc. Taipei, Taiwan
CGCG Exectuive in Charge of Production Ivan Shih
CGCG Production Supervisor Andy Tsao
CGCG Head of Production Sareana Sun
CGCG Line Producer Lucy Shih
CGCG Associate Producer Meihsin Chen
CGCG Production Assistant Cheng Che Tsai
Supervising Picture Editor Jeff Adams
Production Secretary Teresa Lara Ferragamo
Post Production Supervisor Molly Minus
Director of Post Production Andrea Wood
Post Production Coordinator Elizabeth Dee Edwards
Additional Post Production Services Kimberly Bowman
Jonathan Hylander
C.J. Kinyon
J.F. Kinyon
Rohner Segnitz
Amy K. Wu
Music By Brad Breeck
Main Title Theme Composed By Brad Breeck
Main Title Theme Written By Steve Tompkins
Alex Breen
Eric Robles
Main Title Theme Performed By The Mai Shi
Post Production Sound Services Oracle Post
Supervising Sound Editor Paulette Lifton
Post Audio Supervisor Jimmy Lifton
Sound Effects Design Ian Nyeste
Sound Effects Editor Lawrence Reyes
Foley Artist Vincent Guisetti
Foley Editor Alex Mine
Foley Mixer Aran Tanchum
Re-Recording Mixers DJ Lynch
Ian Nyeste
Post Production Services CCI Digital
Telecine Colorist Greg Kibler
For Frederator Studios:
Associate Producer Eric Homan
Supervising Producer Kevin Kolde
Special Thanks To Cyma Zarghami
Brown Johnson
Alison Dexter
Mark Taylor
Roland Poindexter
Arian Delusi
Audrey Diehl
Exectuive in Charge for Nickelodeon Meagan Casey

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