A wizard-off is an event in which a wizard
File:Wizard off fighting stance.JPG
competes against someone else. It starts when the wizard stomps right up to someone, and announces that it'll challenge the other person to a wizard-off. Later, on, the wizard decides where it will be held, and the game's on.


The wizard and its challenger face each other and stand about 2-5 feet away, like a gunslinger showdown. After the wizard studies its note cards on what spells it will be casting, the game begins.

Both of the players each start by stretching each other out in their fighting stances, then show their trick. The trick can be real or fake, depending on if the challenger is a wizard or not. After the challenger performs its trick, the wizard performs its trick. Each person has about one minute to think of a trick. They keep alternating until one person runs out of time while thinking of a trick and lo
File:Goodbye forever, Fanboy!.jpg
ses the round.

When someone runs out of time, the round is over. The game goes for up to five rounds. The first person to win three rounds is the winner. Be warned that when the challenger is not looking when in the middle of the trick, the wizard might cut in and cast a spell on them. The automatic loser spell is the most powerful, it can shock the other person so hard, they decide to give up, ending the game. The wizard can be pretty smart, so watch out.


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