1800s Old West

  • Lenwig opens Lenwig's Dry Goods.
  • Faniel and Chumtholemew discover the Pink Frosty Fountain.


60s - 70s

  • Hank Mufflin is born.
  • Russ Poopatine is born.
  • Mrs. Cram is born.
  • Madame LaVache is born.


  • Oz is born.
  • Lenny is born.
  • Boog is born.


  • Fanboy and Chum Chum are born.
    • Kyle is born in Wizard World England.
    • Yo is born.
    • Lupe is born.
    • Michael Johnson is born.
    • Duke is born.
    • Cher Leader is born.
    • Nancy Pancy is born.
    • Francine is born.
    • Marsha is born.
    • Sigmund is born in Wizard World Germany.
  • Lenny gets a job at the Frosty Mart.
    • Lenny hires Boog on his first day.
  • Kyle is enrolled at Milkweed Academy.
  • Boog grew up in a plastic bubble.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum first meet in preschool.
  • Fanboy constantly breaks Chum Chum's toys.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum have their first Frosty Freezy Freeze.
  • Boog has to miss a picnic because of the bubble he grew up in.
  • Kyle and Sigmund end their friendship and Sigmund starts showing Kyle up.



  • Fanboy invents Dollarnator.
  • Dollarnator marries Mrs. Dollarnator.

Super Chums universe


  • Super Chum is born and sent to earth with the last of the Frostonite.
  • Professor Oz opens a school called "Professor Oz's Super School for the Seriously Special".
  • Teacher's Pet becomes Professor Oz's star pupil.
  • Professor Oz becomes interested in Super Chum more than Teacher's Pet.
  • Teacher's Pet changes her name to Copy Kitten and becomes a villain.


  • Super Chum and Fannihilator have a battle to see which side is better ("Heroes vs. Villains").
  • Copy Kitten threatened to take over Fannihilator's position as "best nemesis" ("Super Chums").
  • Copy Kitten is defeated ("Super Chums").
  • Fannihilator and Super Chum become best friends ("Super Chums").

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