Fanboy posing with Chum Chum

The Fanboy Bible is a series of little paragraphs written by Eric Robles in 2007-2008. It is clearly outdated, but it still has some cool facts about the charcters. It can be read here or here.


  • In this text, it keeps saying Kyle is a necromancer, then saying he's a wizard. The type listed is incorrect, as he is really a Conjurer. Kyle's prototype name was supposed to be "Kyle the Necromancer."
  • It tells us that Oz is 34 years old, Lenny is 17, and Boog is 19, though it is unknown because it is outdated.
  • It features two deleted characters - The Kraken Twins.
  • It tells us of two deleted episodes - "Behavior Self" and "Blind Spot."
  • It tells us that Lupe is mean and Marsha's sidekick who hates boys. In the show this was changed to Lupe being often accompanied by Yo and her personality being kind-spirited.
  • In this text, it brings up a deleted teacher named Mr. Pepper who was replaced with Mr. Mufflin.
  • In the text, Chum Chum is described as a "3rd grader that Fanboy smuggled into his class". This would imply there is a two year age gap between Fanboy & Chum Chum.

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