Stick and Hoop

I guess I'm playing alone

Toyland Style, Electronic
Sung By
:10 (reprise)
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Stick and Hoop is a song by Hank Mufflin in the episode Power Out of Fanboy and Chum Chum season 2. Hank sings this when he plays with his stick and hoop during the blackout. The song is followed at the end of the episode by a breif reprise.


Stick and hoop, stick and hoop
After you clean the chicken coop
Stick and hoop, stick and hoop
After you scoop all night, cowpoop

Reprise Lyrics

Stick and hoop, stick and hoop
Tappididi comes to life tabloop
Stick and hoop, stick and hoop
Oh, hoo hoo hoo!


  • First song to be heard when it's nighttime.
  • First time Mr. Mufflin sings alone.
  • Sixth song to use a singsong voice. First five were "Rain, Rain, Come Again", "S.S. Cuddles", "Fish and Chips", "Birthday Cheer" and "Perfection".
  • Before Mr. Mufflin starts singing and during the first part, the song "The Entertainer" was playing in the background.
  • The reprise seems to be more electronic.

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