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[Scene opens up in a comic. Part of it says "Somewhere out in space..."]
Man-Arctica: Man-Arctica to base...still no sign of the Global Warmer.
Global Warmer: Good afternoon, Man-Arctica! Is it hot in here? Or is it just moi? [he attacks Man-Arctica] Boofitey Boo! Bibidey Bibidey Boo! Gigidey Gogidey Boo! [laughs menacingly and uses his Humidifryer on him]
Man-Arctica: [grunts] Okay, Global Warmer...prepare to be cold cocked!
Global Warmer: Ooooooh...
[Man-Arctica punches Global Warmer]
Global Warmer: Enough dilly-dallying. Taste my unseasonably warm ray. [fires his Humidifryer]
Man-Arctica: Ugh! So...warm...and...humid...
Fanboy: [voiceover] Oh, come on! [scene shifts to he and Chum Chum in Oz Comix] The unseasonably warm ray? Really? I mean what is this, issue 114? Man-Arctica's WAY too powerful for that! Come on, Man-Arctica. Just finish him off with your... [holds up a utility-like icicle and vocalizes] Multi-purpose Device-cicle!
[Scene cuts back to the story, Man-Arctica holds up his Device-cicle]
Man-Arctica: You've melted your last glacier, Global Warmer. Now, I just need to pick the right tool for your imminent doom. [doesn't notice he's heading for a black hole] You'll need the nail file...
[Scene shifts to Oz Comix]
Chum Chum: Why is he taking so long?
Oz: Doesn't he see there's a black hole there?
Fanboy: Uh, he's Man-Arctica? I think he knows when he's near a black -- HOLY MOLY!
[scene shifts to the story, Man-Arctica is about to fall down the black hole. Global Warmer laughs evilly and flies toward him]
Man-Arctica: Ahh, ahh, no!
Global Warmer: [pokes him] Doing!
[Man-Arctica falls down the hole]

[Scene shifts to Oz Comix]
Fanboy: AHHHHHHH! [mumbles while staring at the comic] What's happening?! Where is he?! There is no way -- Global Warmer defeated Man-Arctica. NO! WAY!
[Scene shifts to the comic]
Global Warmer: Ooh, I have done it. I defeated Man-Arctica. Huzzah.
[Scene shifts to Oz Comix]
Fanboy: B-but -- heeeee...can't be gone forever.
[Scene shifts to the comic]
Global Warmer: And this time, he's gone forever! [laughs evily]
[Scene shifts to Oz Comix]
Chum Chum: [sadly] [sniffs, happily] Let's read it again! Yaaay!
Oz: Absolutely not! [takes the comic] The final issues are way to valuable for your grubby mitts.
Fanboy: He's really gone? [sniffs] Forever? How can you do this to me, Man-Arctica?!? HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -- [coughs] OOOOOOOOOOOOOW?!?

[Scene shifts to Hank at the bus stop. Man-Arctica falls into a trash can next to him]
Man-Arctica: [frees himself] Aha! I was right. Black holes DO spit you out the other side of the universe.
Hank: Back of the line, pal!

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