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S.S. Cuddles is a song from The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy of Fanboy and Chum Chum season 1. It's when Yo has fun with Chum Chum aboard her boat, the "S.S. Cuddles".


Oh, the S.S. Cuddles is the ship for me
It's a tug boat, too, and a hug boat, woo,
Where the hugs are always free!


  • This is the first song that Yo ever sung. It's also the first time she sings alone and her singing voice is heard.
  • First song in which Chum Chum is involved with Yo.
  • This song is 9 seconds long, the same length of Chimp Chomp (song), making it the third-shortest song behind "Frosty Jingle" with 3 seconds, "Bubble Gum" with 5 seconds, and "Fish and Chips" and "Rain, Rain, Come Again" at 8 seconds each.

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