Professor Flan

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First Appearance
Between Mr. Mufflin and Lemuel
Somewhere in England, wherever Milkweed is located
Voiced By

"I know all about your plans to get back into Milkweed."
-Professor Flan[source]

Professor Jonathan James Jasper Jackson Jamarcus Jaminiquide J.J. Flan, Jr. is Kyle's old teacher from Milkweed Acadamy, until Kyle was unfairly expelled for turning him into a raspberry flan.


Professor Flan is quite unfortunate to have a last name which is a delicious Spanish dessert. He was accidently turned into an actual flan by Kyle thus, resulting him to be expelled. He was later on freed by Fanboy and Chum Chum when mistaken as a leftover. He is now also the assistor into helping Kyle get readmitted. However, he's always denying the readmission due to something going wrong, but also harbours a secret releationship with Kyle.

Physical Appearance

Professor Flan have golden colored skin with orange and red jam spread on his head. He wears a grayish black tuxedo with a white tie and gray cuffs, high black boots, white gloves, and has a black top hat with a monocle. He also has a mustache.


  • Professor Flan usually addresses Kyle by his full name.
  • He always has a unique way for denying a readmission. Ex: Stamping "DENIED" on Kyle (Crib Notes) and getting swallowed by a three-headed dog (Kids in the Hall)
  • His full name was said for the first time in "Brain Freeze", and appears to be a long tongue twister.
  • When he is in the sun for too long, his head sizzles. (Kids in the Hall).
  • Jim Cummings uses the voice he used for Skrawl on ChalkZone to voice Professor Flan.

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