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Pam, also known as Nurse Lady Pam, is the school nurse in Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Depiction in the series

Pam is first introduced in "Lice Lice Baby" to check everyone's head for lice. Inspired by Man-Arctica, she is determined to rid everyone's head of lice. She first interviews Fanboy and asks him to remove his cowl, but doing that would reveal his secret identity. Pam tells Fanboy he doesn't have lice due to not removing his cowl, so she takes in Chum Chum, who has a serious case of lice.

Pam later had to take care of both Chum Chum and Fanboy, due to Fanboy's injuries from his own accident. She winds up manipulating from one boy to another just before getting a visitor from the main office. That turned out to be Man-Arctica, who was her boyfriend. She then blasts out with him, off to battle the Space Lice infesting the Crab Nebula, and maybe catch a movie.

Not long after that, Man-Arctica breaks up with Pam due to her not being cold enough. She lounges in the nurse's office crying, until Fanboy and Chum Chum try cheer her up. But instead of her laughing at their funny faces and jokes, Pam depicts they find her sad moment funny and throws them out.

Later, Pam drives the bus for the field trip to the Thermometer Factory.


Pam is high-spirited and believes in anything having to do with superheroes. She is also determined most of the time to keep everyone healthy.

Physical Appearance

Pam is stout shaped, and has light brown shoulder length hair with curved bangs on the right side. She wears a white nurse's dress with black stripes on the sleeve edges and blue patches on the elbow section, two buttons on the right side, a silver belt, and white high heels. She has a white nurse's cap with black trim to match. She also has a "NURSE" tag on the left side of her dress.


Nurse Lady Pam first appearance
The image gallery for Pam may be viewed here.


  • Fanboy impersonated Pam in "Pick a Nose".
  • She has a tendency to cry a long time whenever something is not right with her.
  • Pam can have the mind of a superhero.

Episode appearances

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