Milkweed Academy for Wizards

The hallowed gates of Milkweed

Unknown, possibly 5
Bluish silver, maroon and violet
Somewhere in England
First Appearance
"Wizboy" (mentioned)
"Hex Games" (official)

Milkweed Acadamy is a wizard school.

Kyle used to attend the Academy, but after he acidently turned one of his professers into raspberry flan, he got expelled. Everyday, Kyle tries and tries to get back into Milkweed, but fails everytime. He soon finds Galaxy Hills is really home to him.




  • Milkweed Academy for Wizards may be a parody of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter Books and Movies.
  • In "Kids in The Hall", Milkweed  was shown for a brief moment on Kyle's stickynote essay.
  • Error: in "Hex Games", Kyle mistakenly lists the school name as Milkweed Academy of Wizarding instead of Milkweed Academy for Wizards.

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