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Type of power
Magic Mirrors
Alive magic items

Magic is the supernatural power/ability that can affect to matter and energy by using a variety of spells, charms, incantations, hexes, jinxes, curses, magical objects or enchantments.Magic can be used only by wizards, elfs or other creatures with magical powers.Magic's power of affecting matter, energy or even time is what makes it so powerful.Magic can do all these, only when a user of magic can use one of the underlined magical affecters of matter and energy above.When a user of magic knows many ways to affect the matter and energy with magic he is considered as a "master" wizard.

Magical Items

In the whole series has shown many magical items like spellbooks, wands or other mystical objects that help the wizards or the witches to control their powers.Magical items are mystical objects that can help users of magic to enhance or control their powers.Magical items first appeared in Wizboy.

In the series some magical items are alive.These magical items have their own will, but they can only use magic with the help of a wizard.These items are:

Fake Magic

Some humans can do magic tricks, but without using magic, that people are called magicians.Magicians' magic is not real magic.Tricks first shown in Wizboy.

Users of Magic

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Other Powers

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