Sigmund to Kyle "So, Kyle..." s1e17a

Kyle and Sigmund used to be friends, now they're bitter enemies. They both attended Milkweed Acadamy together, but after one little mishap in magic class, their friendship suddenly came to a bitter end. Although they soften once in a while, they go back to their rivalry ways, too. Known by the name "SigKyle", they seem to never get along much.

Kyle's Opinion of Sigmund

Kyle is upset when Sigmund comes to town to greet everyone. The moment he arrives, he bets not to look at him, although that is proven false when Chum Chum pulls his eyelids open the moment he's in front of him. Kyle hate Sigmund so much due to the facts he always shows him off so much, although he softens with him for a little while. He is sometimes obnoxious because he's always saying mean things about him and steals his friends away from him.

Sigmund's Opinion of Kyle

To Sigmund, he thinks Kyle is nothing but a "Constipator". Ever since their nasty friendship end at Milkweed, he shows him up a lot, and annoys him more than anything. He even thinks he should be better than Kyle, and is always scheming to take his friends away, as shown in his debut episode. Sigmund may have feelings for Kyle, as they are also seen talking together and softening a little.

Examples of their Rivalry

  • Sigmund took Kyle's friends away on his birthday, and they joined his party on the moon.
  • Sigmund always calls Kyle "Constipator".
  • Sigmund is usually begging for Kyle to have his house to be enchanted.

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