Lupe and Kyle - BG Helmet POV

Kyle and Lupe are friends. Although Lupe can be sweet, she can also be aggressive to him, like the day Kyle first met her, when he de-levitated into her lunch, causing her to get angry and punch him. This was later made up shortly afterwards, and now they get along a lot. Kyle even makes things up to Lupe by showing her some magic, or even having Lupe work with him at times. ("Wizboy", "The Janitor Strikes Back", "Little Glop of Horrors", "Saving Private Chum Chum")

Moments of their friendship

  • Kyle shows Lupe some magic. This can be viewed closely through the bubble gum helmet. (The Janitor Strikes Back)
  • Kyle and Lupe angrily leave Fanboy's Night Morning Slumber Party after watching Chum Chum imagine a television show. They both go down the elevator at the same time. (Night Morning)
  • Kyle stands next to Lupe while lining up for the Frosty Bus. (The Frosty Bus)
  • Kyle and Lupe pretended to be pirates for Fanboy's treasure hunt. (Fanboy A'Hoy!)
  • As Fanboy tells the gang they can't open presents yet, Kyle and Lupe stand with each other front to back, and look unenthusiastic together. (Present Not Accounted For)
  • Kyle looks at Lupe excitedly as she explains to the viewer about Slime Day. (Slime Day)

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