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Kyle's Magic


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Kyle is a wizard with wide variety of powers, skills and abilities. His powers were first shown in Wizboy.

Kyle's skills and abilities

Kyle is quite brave as shown in Fangboy, because he is not afraid vampires and he make fun of them.

He is a very good inventor.

He is very smart and intelligent as he can stump people easily by asking them questions.

Kyle's magic powers

Kyle can cast a wide variety of mystical and magical spells.

He can use magical items like wands and spellbooks to enhance and control his power

He can use sorcery and mysticism too. He is also able to call demons and baihoks as is shown in There Will Be Shrieks.

As shown in Wizboy he can manipulate energy by creating blue energy spheres.

He can levitate things or even himself as shown in Wizboy.

He is a master hypnotist as he hypnotized Fanboy in Lord of the Rings.

He can create any object he wants from nothing with the help of magic as shown in a wide variety of episodes.He can also teleport things from one place to an another place. .

He can also teleport himself to any location he wants.

He can fly as shown in many episodes.

He can create fairies when he is anxious by farting up.He is the only wizard shown to has this power.

He has a super powerful state when he cast a very powerful spell.In that state his eyes go from normal to flat and a dark green aura shines within him.


  • Kyle's powerful state resembles to Aang's avatar state from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Kyle seems to be more powerful than Sigmund.
  • Kyle does not use his magic in some episodes such as "The Janitor Strikes Back", "Cold War" and "Sigmund the Sorcerer".
  • The aura that illuminates when Kyle loses magic has been shown in four colors: amber, light rose, blue-gray and emerald.

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