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[Scene opens outside the Frosty Mart]
Boog: [monkey noises] Yeah, chomp it! Yeah, chomp, chomp! That's the way to chomp at Chimp Chomp! [monkey noises] Whoa, I chomped so hard, I blew out my wristband. Dyaaaa! [arm deflates] I better go home and get a spare. Hey, Lenny! I'm goin' on break. [leaves]
Lenny: Your whole shift is a break. [hears rattling] Huh?

[Fanboy and Chum Chum come out from behind the Chimp Chomp machine]
Fanboy: Ugh! That space was -- tighter than I thought!
Chum Chum: Yeah, but totally worth hiding out there for thirty six hours, 'cause now's our chance to play Chimp Chomp!

[Fanboy inserts a coin]
Game voice: Player 1, begin.
[F&C jabber as they hog with the controllers]
Game voice: You lose.
Fanboy and Chum Chum: [pause] Yay!
Fanboy: Wo-how. That was our best game yet! I think we pressed every button possible.
Chum Chum: What about this one? It says, "Release Monkey".
[Chimp Chomp giggles on the monitor]
Fanboy: Release Monkey? I wonder what that does...
[Fanboy slowly presses the "Release Monkey" button. Horror music plays as the machine's coin slot opens, and Chimp Chomp clomps to his head]
Fanboy: Oh, it releases the monkey. [Chimp Chomp attacks him] AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
[Fanboy yells as he runs all over the Frosty Mart finally smashing into the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine. Chimp Chomp shrieks as he hops off Fanboy and shrieks on the register]
Fanboy: I don't believe it! Chimp Chomp's real!
Chum Chum: We'd better get him back in the game before Boog finds out!
[Chimp Chomp throws Lenny into the wall and runs out of the mart]
Chum Chum: [gasp] Chimp Chomp's getting away!
Fanboy: [gasp]
[They run out]

[Chimp Chomp is on the roof tossing bananas]
Chum Chum: He's on the roof!
[F&C dodge the bananas thrown down to them]
Fanboy: Chum Chum, let's get this primate back to his climate.

[The scene turns into an 8-bit version of the episode. Fanboy and Chum Chum hop up the roof destroying bananas while trying to get to Chimp Chomp, but they get hit with a banana. The scene goes back to normal]

Fanboy: Wow, that was surprisingly unpleasant.
[Chimp Chomp hops off the roof]
Chum Chum: Where's he going?
Hank: [sings circus tune, Chimp Chomp clomps onto him] Oy! Ah. Ha ha! A monkey! I'm sure to get into Clown College now! [laughs]
[Hank rides off with Chimp Chomp]

[Boog's theme music plays. In the distance, Boog is singing to the beat as he drives toward the Frosty Mart in Sandy]
Fanboy: Oh, no! If Boog sees that Chimp Chomp's missing from the machine, he's gonna dish out an all-you-can-eat-buffet of bopping! Ugh.
Chum Chum: Not if he doesn't find out!
Fanboy: Ah.

[Boog goes inside the mart]
Fanboy: [slurps] Oh, hello, Boog! You're back a bit early from your break.
Boog: Can't talk! I wanna play Chimp Chomp while I still got that new wristband smell. [sniffs]
[Fanboy looks at Chum Chum squeezing himself into the machine and squeezes his cup, making the freeze fly out]
Fanboy: Hey Boog! Look at me! Now, look over here. [raspy] What's up? [normal] Now, back to me, now over here. [high pitched] Hi! [normal] Now back to me, is this your card? I'm juggling fish, Look down! Now, back to me. You're on the moon, yes, no need to look anywhere else but right at me! I'm on a goat.
[goat bleats, Old Spice jingle plays]

Boog: Hey, something's different with Chimp Chomp! [tosses Fanboy away]
Fanboy: N-no, everything's the same! I don't know what you're talking about, Boog! There's little Chimp Chomp, going "Beep, beep, boop"!
[Chum Chum is in place of Chimp Comp on the screen]
Chum Chum: Beep, boop, beep.
Boog: You mean, "Boop, boop, beep"!
Chum Chum: Beep, beep, beep?
[Fanboy slams the machine]
Chum Chum: Boop, boop, beep?
Boog: Okay, I'm convinced. Come on, baby. I'm taking you back to my place. [takes the machine with him]
Fanboy: What?!
Boog: I'm bringing her hime for some R&R: Reset and Reboot!
Fanboy: [wimpers]

Boog: Lenny! I'm taking Chimp Chomp home for the weekend!
Lenny: Today's Tuesday!
Boog: [puts the machine into Sandy's trunk] The weekend comes when I say it comes.
[Fanboy comes out]
Fanboy: CHUM CHUM! I'LL COME FOR YOOOOOUUUUU!!! [coughing] Now, I'm on a goat, and I'm cry-y-ing-ing-ing-ing.
[Old Spice jingle plays]

[At an abandoned apartment known as Boog's house...]
Boog: Ch-kaw! Here we are! [puts the machine down] Chateau de Boog. [giggles] I got a spot picked out for you right next to the outlet. Don't worry! I believe in surge protection.
[the monkey doorbell rings]
Boog: Excuse me, that's my doorbell. Lovely, huh? It's called "Chimp Chomp Chime".

[Boog opens the door]
Fanboy: [as a repair man] Did uh, someone call for a Chimp Chomp repairman?
Boog: No. [closes door]
[doorbell, Boog opens the door]
Fanboy: [as an old lady] Hello, I am making Chimp Chomp Casserole, and I am all out of Chimp Cho-omp! Can I --
Boog: You can substitute corn starch. [closes door]
[doorbell, Boog opens the door]
Fanboy: [as a prom kid] I'm here to take Chimp Chomp to the prom?
Boog: She could do better. [closes door]
[doorbell, Boog opens the door]
Fanboy: [as a sad child] Please, mister. Have you seen my Chimp Chomp?
[Door closes, door opens]
Fanboy: [as a construction worker] Chomp meter reading?
[Door closes, door opens]
Fanboy: [as a police cop] Chompland security?
[Door closes, door opens]
Fanboy: [as a mayor] Fanboy for...City Chomp-troller?
[Door closes]
Boog: [at the camera] You'd think things would be quieter living next door to a costume shop.

[Boog bumps into Fanboy as a nurse]
Boog: Who are you?!
Fanboy: Sir, I am from the center for video game disease control. There is an outbreak of deadly disease affecting all Chimp Chomp machines.
Boog: Oh, no! I have a Chimp Chomp machine right here!
[Fanboy smiles at the screen. Chum Chum babbles]
Fanboy: Well, I'm afraid I'll have to confiscate it for your own safety.
Boog: That's reasonable.
Fanboy: Yes, that Digital Monkey Fungus is not something you want to mess with. [starts to take the machine out with him]
Boog: Wait a minute!
Fanboy: Huh?
Boog: Digital Monkey Fungus? Why didn't you say so? I had it vaccinated last week! See? Here's the mark right here! [shows bandage on back of machine]
Fanboy: [with disdain] Last week? Really? 'Cause I just made it up. How 'bout that?
Boog: So, Chimp Chomp's fine and all, she don't need you. [starts to take Fanboy out]

Chum Chum: No, wait! Don't leave me!
Boog: Chimpy say wha?!
Chum Chum: Uh, Chimp Chomp mean...nice doctor come all the way out here deserve benefit of doubt. [monkey noises] HUH?!? HUH?!?
Boog: [tosses Fanboy away] Chimp Chomp! All these years, I been talking to you! You finally talk back! Aw...this is the greatest night of my life! [at Fanboy] Doc, how can I ever repay you?
Fanboy: Well, you could let me take Chimp Ch --
Boog: [closes door] No chance!

[That night at dinner...]
Boog: Alone at last. Oh, Chimp Chomp, how I've waited to hear your sweet voice. Now that you have a third-grade vocabulary, we can finally communicate as twinned souls.
Chum Chum: [wimpering]
Boog: Another cheese-dipped quarter?
Chum Chum: Uh, Chimp Chomp can't eat another bite.
Boog: All right. We'll save the chocolate dimes for later. [eats quarter]
[we hear clinking, Chum Chum looks up to see Fanboy peeking through the roof window]
Chum Chum: Chimp Chomp thirsty. Chimp Chomp want drink! [monkey noises]
Boog: Oh, of course. Uh, eh...coming right up. I have a special treat! [Opens "refrigerator" and Lenny gives him a juice box] I bought banana juice. [laughing]

Lenny: You mean, I bought banana juice. Uhhh! This is my refrigerator in my apartment, and that is my banana juice, and this is my four-day-old Chinese takeout!
[Fanboy cuts a hole in the glass and falls through]
Boog: Oh, I ate that three days ago. I left you the box, though. [hears Fanboy] Hm?
[Fanboy is disguised as a lamp]
Boog: Eh.
Lenny: ARRRRROOOO! I'VE HAD IT! When I asked you to help me move, I didn't mean move your stuff in and put me in the linen closet!
[Fanboy guestures to Chum Chum]
Boog: Oh, that reminds me. I'm padlocking you in tonight, I got company.
Lenny: What if I got to go to the bathroom?
Boog: That's what the crisper's for! [closes "refrigerator" and bumps into the machine] Oh! Hey, baby.
Chum Chum: [yawn] Chimp Chomp tired. Boog go to bed now? [monkey noises]
Boog: Sure, right after we watch TV.

Boog: Here. [puts the machine on the couch] Stretch ya out on the couch. [pause] Now, I need a place to sit!
[Fanboy poses as an armchair]
Boog: I'll just sit in this armchair I don't remember buying. [sits on Fanboy] Hey, this new chair is pretty sweet, but I think I want to put my feet up. [lies back] Ah. I wonder if it does massage.
Fanboy: [struggling] No, it doesn't.
Boog: That's okay. [turns on TV]

[It says "BREAKING NEWS" on the TV]
Anchor lady: A local school teacher appears to be the latest victim of the runaway ape that has been terrorizing the city.
Hank: [grunting] Get a grip on yourself. The ringmaster's coming for dinner and I made peanuts! AHHH!
Boog: [laughing] That monkey's bopping stuff. Huh. Hey, It kind of looks like Chimp Chomp!
[Fanboy and Chum Chum wimper]
Boog: But that can't be, because you're here, safely by my side. [changes channel] Hey, a show about books! [snores]
[Chum Chum looks at Fanboy worringly]
Fanboy: [whispering] I'll be right there. [puts Boog on the floor]

Chum Chum: Thank goodness. I'm exhausted. Boog played me all the way to level 15!
Fanboy: Level 15?! Oop. [covers mouth, whispering] How was it?
Chum Chum: It was awesome!
Fanboy: Awesome? Ooh, that does sound awesome. Ehhhh? [holds up quarter]

[The next morning...]
Fanboy: Ha ha ha! I can't believe we made it all the way to level 2!
Chum Chum: Beep beep, boop. Shh! Fanboy, keep it down or we might wake up Boog.
[Boog is behind Fanboy holding a mug]
Boog: Yeah, and then he might bop you.
Fanboy: Exactly. He probably will bop you. [pause, gulp]
[F&C look at Boog and scream. The Chimp Chomp machine bounces, releasing Chum Chum from it]
Fanboy: Uh-oh...
Boog: Just tell me where the real Chimp Chomp is, and nobody gets hurt!
Fanboy: Uh...look up. Look down. I'm on a goat!
[goat bleats, Old Spice jingle plays]
Boog: [grabs them] Looks like I'm working a double shift at the Bop Factory!
[Fanboy wimpers while watching Chimp Chomp attack hank on the TV, then sees a "Release Monkey" button on top of it]
Fanboy: Release Monkey? I wonder what that does...
[Fanboy presses the button. Horror music plays as the TV screen opens to reveal Chimp Chomp. He clomps onto Boog's head]
Fanboy: Oh, it releases the monkey.
[Like earlier, Boog runs around with Chimp Chomp stuck to him]
Boog: [screaming] Chimp Chomp! Is that you? [yelling]

[Fanboy and Chum Chum laugh and watch Boog from the balcony]
Fanboy: So long, Boog! Have fun with the gorilla your dreams.
Chum Chum: [giggles] Yeah, good luck getting that monkey off your back! Oh, or is that your butt?
Fanboy: Either way, it does look pretty painful. We better go.
[They disappear. Boog is still running around screaming]
Boog: What are you doing?!? Lenny, get out here and help me!
Lenny: [offscreen] Hold your horses. I'm on the crisper.

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