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Templates are used to provide a quick way of linking to a large amount of information. All templates are surrounded by a double pair of curly braces, like this: {{Cleanup}}.

This page will list the major song userboxes in use. General-purpose templates are listed on the List of templates page. Userboxes are listed on the List of userboxes page. The full list can be seen on the Category:Song userboxes page.

Season 1

Template Song Output
ThemeSongBox "Fanboy and Chum Chum Theme Song"
Dance poses - theme song
DollarDanceBox "The Dollar Dance"
Swing around - dollar dance - cropped
"Chimp Chomp (song)"
"Boog's Enterance Jingle"
"Piggy, Piggy, Piggy"
"My Mother"
"Little Teapot"
OrchestraSong "Fanboy's Orchestra Song"
DanceBreakBox "Dance Break"
MoppySongBox "Moppy's Song"
"Sing a Song of Thorvald"
"Night Morning (song)"
"The Bunny Dance"
"Friends Forever"
FrostyBusSong "The Frosty Bus Song"
"Boog's Song (You're Boppin')"
"Rain, Rain, Come Again"
"Buritto Call"
"S.S. Cuddles"
TogetherForeverBox "Together Forever"
"Hank's Brushing Song"
"Frosty Freezy Freeze Rap"
"Frosty Jingle"
LiveAtFrostyMartBox "Live at the Frosty Mart!"
"The Training Song"
"Fish and Chips"
"Day at Work Montage"
"Bubble Gum"

Season 2

Template Song Output
"Crib Rock"
"Be Quiet!"
"Cheer Up"
NoWorkAllPlayBox "No Work And All Play"
"Kyle's House"
"The Bop Song"
"Birthday Cheer"
"Jester Chum Chum's Jingles"
"Slime Day (song)"
"Hall Monitor Hoedown"
"99 Buckets of Glop"
C-A-N-D-Y Box "C-A-N-D-Y"
F&C in candy heaven
Robo-manceBox "Robo-mance (song)"
"Scooter (song)"
"Magic Sugar Shapes Song"
"The Get Your Shape Doodle Dance"
"Stick and Hoop"
"Entertainment Moment"
"Grand Ole Candy"
"Brand New Quarter"
"We're the Blue Berries"
StuffTheBearsBox "Stuff The Bears"
"Grand Ole Candy"
"Put That Cookie Down (song)"
"Looking in a Mirror"
"Flying So High"
"Just Justins"
"Pink Frosty Fountain"
"We're Camping With Man-Arctica"
"Frolicking with Freezy"
"Cavort with Cactusy"
"Fannihilator (song)"
"Boppin' Zombies"
"Super Awesome Club"


Template Description Output
FaveSong|Image, no "File:" prefix|Name of song Allows a user to create a custom userbox for their favorite song. Example:
Yay! - NWAAP
LeastFaveSong|Image, no "File:" prefix|Name of song Allows a user to create a custom userbox for their least favorite Song. Example:

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