Kyle staring at F&C in pumpkin

The three main characters in the short.

The Fanboy and Chum Chum Halloween Promo is a Nickelodeon short to promote Halloween. It was first seen in October 2010.


While in the graveyard, Kyle tells Fanboy and Chum Chum he doesn't understand what Halloween is. Fanboy says they'll show him, and he and Chum Chum emerge in their costumes while showing Kyle what Halloween is, thus, frightning Kyle. When they finish, Fanboy quotes, "And that's Halloween!" and it cuts to Kyle buried in candy. He ends the short by quoting "I just got chocolate into my trousers."

Kyle: I still don't understand what this 'halloween' is..

Fanboy: Well let us show you! Halloween is bats!

Chum Chum: And spiders!

Fanboy: Pumpkins!

Fanboy/ChumChum: It's full moon!

Chum Chum: It's skeletons!

Fanboy: Ghosts!

Chum Chum: Ghouls!

Fanboy: Goblins!

Chum Chum: Darkness!

Fanboy: Spooky!

Chum Chum: Creepy!

Fanboy: But best of all!

Fanboy/Chum Chum: IT'S THE CANDY!

And That's Halloween!

Kyle: I just got chocolate in my trousers!


The image gallery for Fanboy and Chum Chum Halloween Promo may be viewed here.


  • This is the first short to be Halloween or spook-themed, though it's not counted as an actual episode.
  • During the short, Fanboy is dressed as Frankenstine and Chum Chum is a werewolf. They later wear their costumes in "There Will Be Shrieks".
  • This happens to come before the episode explained above, as Kyle knows Halloween in that episode. In this short, Kyle doesn't understand what Halloween is.
  • This is the second short where the three main characters appear together. The first was "Bubble Magic".
  • First short where it remains at night time.
  • This is the only time through the show that Kyle does not smile at all, he is wondering and scared throughout all of it.


  • At the end, Kyle says he has chocolate in his trousers, but he is actually wearing jeans.

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