Boog makes Chum Chum fly

Boog throwing Chum Chum on Lenny, making him fly.

Chum Chum Dodge Ball (also known as Chum Chum Flies) is one of 6 promotional shorts for Fanboy and Chum Chum.


Fanboy is drinking Frosty Freezy Freeze when he sees Chum Chum zoom past. He is surprised to see Chum Chum fly, but he isn't flying, really. Boog was just tossing him, and bouncing him off Lenny's back. Fanboy ends the short by quoting, "My turn!"


  • This is the second short where Lenny and Boog appear. First was "Sliding Doors".
  • Chum Chum was flying like he really was at first, but later, it was switched to him doing a bouncy sort of flight.
  • At a run time of 15 seconds, this is the shortest Fanboy and Chum Chum short to date.

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