CC and Kyle play ninjas

A recent friend to Chum Chum, Kyle likes having him as one. At first, he is shown having absolutly no interest in his company, but now he's getting closer to him. Unlike Fanboy, they are slightly a little weirder when having fun, and usually turn to each other for advice. Chum Chum is also the usual one besides Fanboy to greet Kyle. Kyle also likes listening to Chum Chum, but corrects him at times, too. ("Wizboy", "The Janitor Strikes Back", "Cold War", "Present Not Accounted For")

Hints of their friendship

  • Kyle lets Chum Chum sit on his head while he watches Fanboy fake himself becoming dust. (Fangboy)
  • Chum Chum starts brushing Kyle's hair with his hands after greeting him on Pizza Day. (Little Glop of Horrors)
  • Kyle and Chum Chum ride together in the elevator and play ninjas together. (Cold War)
  • Kyle and Chum Chum share Frosty Freezes together on the jungle gym together at the park. (Lord of the Rings)
  • While playing Freeze Tag, Kyle takes the word "bubble gum" the wrong way and Chum Chum corrects him. (Freeze Tag)
  • Chum Chum greets Kyle at his magic show during his birthday party, and wonders if he'll make a penny come out of his nose and pour milk into a newspaper. Kyle corrects him by performing an epic speech sequence and summoning a dragon to paint everyone's names in fire. Before the trick, Chum Chum asks Kyle to make a balloonvelope. (Present Not Accounted For)

Times they weren't friends or fought


Chum chum helps kyle up
The image gallery for Kyle and Chum Chum's releationship may be viewed here.

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