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Boog singing

Boog singing while driving the Frosty Bus.

Boog's Song (You're Boppin')
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Boog's Song (You're Boppin') is a song from The Frosty Bus from Fanboy and Chum Chum season 1. It's a jingle that Boog made up while driving the Frosty Bus.


Well, you know I got to stop you
And then I'm gonna bop it
That's why I'm so popular
Cause I'm the king of bopping you all
Bop boppin', no, I can't stop, yo bop boppin'
Your eyes will be poppin' oh yeah
Bob boppin', ooh I got to bop a lot


  • This is the first song where Boog sings about bopping people.

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