99 Buckets of Glop

Everyone singing in fear s2e9b

Sung By
About 20 - 30 minutes
:08 (in "Field Trip of Horrors")

99 Buckets of Glop is a campfire song in Fanboy and Chum Chum.

The song was first sung in "Field Trip of Horrors" when Bus Lady Cram forced everyone to sing on the way to the Glop Mines.


Ninety-nine buckets of glop on the wall
Ninety-nine buckets of glop
Take one down
Pass it around
Ninety-eight buckets of glop on the wall

Alternate line
If one of those buckets should happen to fall, Ninety-eight buckets of glop on the wall.

[Same verse repeats with one bucket less, until reaching the end]


  • The song is a parody of 99 Bottles of Beer.
  • First song where Kyle's singing voice is heard. When everyone sings in "Field Trip of Horrors", if you listen closley, you can clearly hear Kyle singing.
  • First campfire song of the series.
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